Latest Book on Shelves: Then Come Back: The Lost Neruda

The Lost Neruda

Then Come Back: The Lost Neruda is published by Copper Canyon Press. The author of the book is Pablo Neruda. It is a poetry book released in the year 2016. Neruda is a popular diplomat and poet. He became famous writing poets at the age of ten years. He is experienced in writing in different styles including historical epics, surrealist poems, a prose autobiography, overtly political manifestos and crazy love poems like Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair. Neruda writes in green ink. It is his personal sign for hope and desire. Neruda is a prolific and passionate modern poet popular around the world.

When archivists found twenty-one poems or portions of poems that has been written by Neruda, he became famous overnight. Those were poems that were written and kept unpublished. It was written between the 1950’s. He died in 1973. The novelist and poet Forrest Gander, who is already popular for Mexican poem translations, thought that it would be great if he can bring the Neruda unpublished poems back to life. He translated the poems into English. He has not disappointed Neruda’s fan in anyway. The organic creation of Neruda and his extraordinary energy tinge into flower. He added that it is the flower that has directed and sustained us. He explains Neruda’s poems comparing to the wheat that destroys itself and comes out as a fresh bread for our daily meals. Instead of printing English and Spanish version, he had printed the English version first and later printed Spanish edition on facing pages. It helps the bilingual readers to read and understand on own. They can read and compare by reading the two notes.

Neruda passed away because of heart failure and prostate cancer. He passed in his house. Neruda has won several notable awards like Nobel Prize in Literature, Lenin Peace Prize and International Peace Prize.

Make Way of Ducklings Turns 75

Make Way of Ducklings Turns 75

If you have read this book ‘Make Way for Ducklings’ during your childhood, you will be surprised to know this news. Make Way for Ducklings is a popular picture book for children. Robert McCloskey is the author and illustrator of this book. It was published in the year 1941. The story revolves around a pair of wild duck or mallards that plans to raise family on a beautiful island located in the lagoon. It is Boston Public Garden that is a garden in the midst of Boston. The book received great response from children. Some people told that the plot looked weak. It is a book popular throughout the world. The story has ducklings with names like Quack, Pack, Ouack, Mack, Lack, Kack and Jack.

Robert McCloskey is a popular American illustrator and writer of children’s books. Caldecott Medal is the notable award he received for his writing. He has written and illustrated eight children’s picture books. The American Library Association has given him two Caldecott Medals to appreciate his best-illustrated children’s picture book. The book has turned seventy-five years. The booksellers and librarians have celebrated the event in a grand manner. One of the booksellers told that parents and kids visiting the bookstore would get attracted by the illustrations and pick the book.

The seventy-fifth anniversary was celebrated at the Boston Bookstore. A small party took place on own way. Kids painted their faces in duck art, they did duck theme drawings and artwork and also joined for story time.

Adam Hirsch is the bookstore owner. He told many parents to purchase the books for kids had read the book themselves when they were kids. He added that Robert McCloskey’s Make Way for Ducklings was a model book with worldwide appeal.

Robert McCloskey published this book in the year 1941. He was almost established when he published this book. He has written and illustrated several books like Time of Wonder, One Morning in Maine and Blueberries for Sal. He died at age 88.

Beverly Cleary Turns 100 Years

Beverly Cleary Turns 100 Years

Beverly Cleary is a popular American writer. She is experienced in writing young adult and children’s fiction. She is one among the successful living author of America. More than ninety-one million copies have been sold throughout the world. She published her first book in the year 1950. Henry Huggins, dog Beezus Quimby, Ramona and Ribsy and Ralph S. Mouse are some of the popular characters in her books. She has won three awards. She received National Book Award in the year 1951, Newbery Medal award in the year 1984 and Laura Ingalls Wilder Award in the year 1975. She has written forty-one books. She is turning 100 years this Tuesday. Cleary started to write when she was working in a bookstore. She was working part-time. Cleary just thought whether she can use the typewriter and write books for kids.

She has been working as librarian until World War II. She wanted to write books for children and young readers about everyday lives. Her dream became true as she penned and published her stories.

In 1999, she told that children enjoy reading stories about everyday and normal kids. She told that she was the same when she was a kid. She always wished to read about girls and boys of her neighbourhood or in her school. She added that children love to get their lifestyle in books. Her books have fans of generations of children. One of the readers recalls that she started to read Beverly Cleary books when she was eight to nine years old.