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Water Heater Services

All water heater manufacturers recommend at least an annual service on all their water heaters. This usually involves draining and flushing the tank and cleaning the burner assembly. Additionally, every 4 to 5 years, the anode rod should be replaced. The anode rod will slow the corrosion of any exposed metal, including taps and welded joints. Excessive corrosion is the leading cause of most complete water heater failures and the timely replacement of the unit’s anode rod will serve to extend its life. Water Heater Services

Water Heater Repair

One of the most common calls we receive is, “my water heater isn’t working properly…can you help?” The answer is always, yes! In the event your unit is not working properly, our licensed plumbers will identify the problem and provide the solution. We will install top quality parts and service your water heater for a reasonable price.

Water Heater Installation and Replacement

Whether it is a new installation, or it is the replacement of an existing water heater…we can help! The life expectancy for most units is between eight (8) and twelve (12) years. In some cases, it may be more expedient to replace an old water heater as opposed to performing another repair. At this point we will help you decide which unit is right for you based on initial expense, unit quality and ongoing operating expense.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters offer homeowners a unique space and money saving opportunity. Also, homeowners install tankless heaters in crawlspaces and on the exterior of their homes, to remove the liability posed by an existing attic or closet installation. These units can provide as much hot water as you require, but only when you require it. As such, they are far more energy efficient which is better for your wallet and the environment! We offer a full line of tankless systems to meet your needs and budget. Tankless water heaters serviced More information here

Tankless Water Heater Repair and Servicing

As with regular water heaters, tankless water heaters must also be serviced periodically. They need to be de-scaled/de-limed and the inlet screens removed and cleaned. Whether a repair or a regular service, we are qualified to maintain your tankless water heater.

Unlicensed Plumbers

Please be aware of unlicensed plumbers and handymen that install standard vent water heaters in a direct vent application. Neither your life nor your family’s life is worth the savings. Not only do you run the risk of burning your house down, you also run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Natural gas or propane water heater venting applications must be strictly adhered to!

Water Heater 101

Safety should always be the #1 concern when attempting to service or replace a water heater. This safety concern is definitely true for all water heaters regardless of the unit size. Water heaters utilize very potent energy sources, the most common being natural gas, electricity and propane. Also, most units are extremely heavy (yes even tankless units) and they operate under high pressures and temperatures. Natural gas and propane water heaters emit gases such as, carbon monoxide that are hazardous to your health.
Tanked water heaters should always be placed on a level surface. This is especially true for attic and garage installations where bodily injury and property damage can occur. That level surface must also be compliant with the fuel type. For example, only a metal and not a plastic pan should be placed under a gas fired water heater in the attic. That level surface or floor or stand must also be rated and/or constructed to support the weight of the water heater when it is filled. For example a 50 gallon water heater weighs approx. 560lbs. One gallon of water weighs approximately 8.34 lbs.

When servicing an electric water heater the power should be turned off and the electrical disconnect or breaker must be in plain view. This reduces the possibility of someone else restoring power to the unit while the technician is working on it. Given the fact that most electric water heater units operate on 240 volts, a simple misstep like this can result in severe injury or worse.

Always be aware of the various shut-offs: water shut-off valve; gas shut-off valve/gascock; electrical breaker or disconnect. Please do not assume that they are functioning as intended, because all valves eventually breakdown and fail.

Water Heater Maintenance

All manufacturers recommend at least an annual service on all their water heaters. This usually involves draining and flushing the tank and cleaning the burner assembly. Additionally, every 4 to 5 years, the anode rod should be replaced. Anode rods are difficult to get to and remove and its service should be performed by a licensed professional. The anode rod will slow the corrosion of any exposed metal, including taps and welded joints. Excessive corrosion is the leading cause of most complete water heater failures and the timely replacement of the unit’s anode rod will extend its life.
Water heaters expand and contract continuously. The more intense expansions occur when the incoming water temperature is reduced by the change in season. Now the “Delta” or the desired change in water temperature is that much greater resulting in greater expansion. This is why a greater percentage of units fail in the fall and winter.

Water heaters can be flushed quite easily, but it can become expensive if you don’t properly manage your energy source. For example, when flushing electric water heaters, the power source must be turned off for the duration of the service and should only be turned on after the unit is filled and the air in the tank is completely purged. If you are not comfortable doing this, then please call a licensed plumbing professional.

Water Heater Repair or Replacement

The life expectancy for most units is between eight (8) and twelve (12) years. If your water heater is over 10 years old and it needs either a gas valve or burner assembly or major electrical rebuild, then we will generally recommend replacement and not repair. Of course, if there is a water tank leak then the option to repair is taken away.
A six (6) year manufacturer’s warranty is the industry standard on most tanked water heaters. Some retailers increase their warranty and the price accordingly, but from our factory tours, most manufacturers use the same metal, welds and protective coatings.

When it comes to water heaters, unit cost is inversely related to efficiency. This simply means, the lower the cost of the unit the less efficient and consequently, the more expensive that unit will be to operate. It’s mostly a matter of how you would like to pay – less upfront but more to operate or more upfront and less to operate. Having established that fact, then this is what you should generally anticipate:

Fuel Tank Vent Efficiency Cost Manufacturer’s Warranty
& Electric Yes N/A Least X 6 Years
Natural Gas/Propane Yes Standard/Top
Vent/Regular Good X multiplied by 1.4 6 years
NG/Propane Yes Direct Vent Better X multiplied by 2.3 6 years
NG/Propane Yes Condensing Best X multiplied by 4 6 years
NG/Propane Tankless Direct Vent
or Standard Best X multiplied by 4 12 years

Website Traffic – The Lifeline of every Site

Website Traffic – The Lifeline of every Site

Every single website and blog needs traffic if it is to survive. Without the right kind of exposure your web property is lost. When people can’t find your site, there’s nothing you can do to make it successful. Thankfully, there are lots of (zero cost) methods that you can use to get more traffic. And article marketing is one of the things you can do. As someone in article marketing you’re not just driving targeted traffic to your site, you’re also building one heck of a brand. If you can use article marketing correctly, nothing else will compare to it. On Page SEO TipsSo how are you supposed to go about accomplishing this? If you want to increase your article marketing success, the tips we’ll share in this article will help you. For SEO solutions in San Antonio

Important – Meta Title and Meta Description

The title you assign to your article is incredibly important. Why are you even bothering to submit your articles if nobody is opening them or reading them? Be careful when you pick titles for your articles. It’s important to take an approach that is both targeted and relevant. Trying to be confusing and mysterious isn’t the right way to go. This will definitely bring down the open rate of your articles. You need to offer as much clarity as you possibly can with the titles of your articles. The work you put into composing good titles is definitely worth it.

Content is King

Thinking about copying articles from somewhere, mixing and matching your way to article marketing success? If your answer is yes then you’re on the wrong path. Article marketing will only be successful if you create totally original articles. If you do not have real and original content it won’t make a lot of sense to start article marketing. You can’t even use private label right articles for it. It’s important to work your way up that article marketing ladder by only using articles that are as original as you can get. This one tip will save your bacon and make you a far better and more effective article marketer.Internet marketing

If you’re submitting your articles to niche directories and sites, it’s a mistake to expect all of your articles to be published. It’s a maybe maybe not kind of response rate there. Try to make contact with as many websites as you can. If you don’t see a considerable response coming from a specific website, it is important to be patient. And then get in touch with them. It’s okay to ask why your article hasn’t yet been published. You should also work to analyze your articles to see if they might be lacking in anything. No matter what, don’t reduce your effort simply because you get a few rejections. It’s all in a day’s work. Every article marketer out there knows for sure that quality is what really matters. When you want to leave your mark on your industry through article marketing, you need to make sure that you stay focused. Make sure you take the correct action at the correct times. With the proper tactics and your continual forward movement you can take your article marketing efforts to unprecedented heights. You have lots of options (not just one) if you want your article marketing to be effective. Better than that, good article marketing can help you achieve long term results. It offers you the consistency you really need when you want to send targeted traffic to your website.
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Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance

Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance: Tips and Suggestions

Article by Jassica Thomson

AC Systems eventually die out or become dysfunctional, if not properly maintained or repaired at timely intervals. A disruption caused to any of the essential household machines triggers inconvenience, especially if you need the system every day. For instance, air conditioning system should be monitored at regular intervals to ensure that the machine stays in good condition. The tips on air conditioning repairs processes enable you to implement definite ways of getting your air conditioner back in shape even from the worst of conditions.AC Repair Find more here @ Trophy-ac.com

The Repairing and Maintenance Tips

The summer months seem to endure with so much heat draining the energy out of the body. Every individual loves to return home amidst a cool and peaceful ambience for the ultimate respite. In that case, none would prefer to keep a machine that disrupts often. The right recourse is to get the air conditioner verified by professional hands. A simple step can do a major job. Remove the accumulated debris or dirt from the external unit and this will solve the problem. Your air conditioner will function smoothly and be a new machine once again. More on this website

Remember that the air filter should be checked once in a month to ensure that it is dirt free. A clogged air filter will turn up heat inside the room, instead of plummeting temperature. Though you might think that you can fix the air conditioner easily by yourself, but the process is not as simple as it looks.

You need the right technician and professional advice to fix problems. But before you let any professional enter your room for repairing, make sure that he is a reliable source and belongs from the right organization. Remember, air conditioning maintenance procedures are the right way to curtail repairing cost. To make things happen, you should consult professionals to know how to do your job.

The advantages of possessing an old unit are that it is instilled with many original parts and can be repaired with repairing know-how. On the contrary, the new units are customized with complicated parts, which are difficult to repair. Besides, the new parts are quite expensive due to electronic and digital complications.

An air conditioner with a life below ten years can be suitably repaired since it stays in the condition to be repaired. You can also enjoy the fact that the parts that need to be replaced will also cost less, thus enabling you to enjoy the best features. Every time your air conditioner gets dysfunctional, you need to rush to replace the old one with a brand new. Remember, proper maintenance will help prolong an air conditioner’s life tenure. If you are conscious enough and remember to change the air filter or remove the grime and dirt, it will serve positively for the air conditioner.

Hence, curtail the repairing cost with cautious maintenance procedures within minimal cost from the day you purchase the highest priced new Air Conditioner.
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