Latest Book on Shelves: Then Come Back: The Lost Neruda

The Lost Neruda

Then Come Back: The Lost Neruda is published by Copper Canyon Press. The author of the book is Pablo Neruda. It is a poetry book released in the year 2016. Neruda is a popular diplomat and poet. He became famous writing poets at the age of ten years. He is experienced in writing in different styles including historical epics, surrealist poems, a prose autobiography, overtly political manifestos and crazy love poems like Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair. Neruda writes in green ink. It is his personal sign for hope and desire. Neruda is a prolific and passionate modern poet popular around the world.

When archivists found twenty-one poems or portions of poems that has been written by Neruda, he became famous overnight. Those were poems that were written and kept unpublished. It was written between the 1950’s. He died in 1973. The novelist and poet Forrest Gander, who is already popular for Mexican poem translations, thought that it would be great if he can bring the Neruda unpublished poems back to life. He translated the poems into English. He has not disappointed Neruda’s fan in anyway. The organic creation of Neruda and his extraordinary energy tinge into flower. He added that it is the flower that has directed and sustained us. He explains Neruda’s poems comparing to the wheat that destroys itself and comes out as a fresh bread for our daily meals. Instead of printing English and Spanish version, he had printed the English version first and later printed Spanish edition on facing pages. It helps the bilingual readers to read and understand on own. They can read and compare by reading the two notes.

Neruda passed away because of heart failure and prostate cancer. He passed in his house. Neruda has won several notable awards like Nobel Prize in Literature, Lenin Peace Prize and International Peace Prize.

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