Solar Powered Plane on Skies after Delay

Solar Powered Plane

Solar Impulse 2 is an experimental plane. Due to repairs, the plane was kept under shed for nine months. It was scheduled to take off after sorting the repairs in Hawaii. The mission control team and the ground team felt excited and shared cheers when the solar powered plane flew beautifully in the morning skies. If the solar-powered plane remains a success, it will create great impact in solar technology. The plane will navigate around the globe with the help of sun’s energy.

During the earlier leg, the plane was taken through a long journey from Japan toward Hawaii. The batteries of the plane got overheated. However, it broke the record and remained as the longest period nonstop single flight.

If you want to track and follow Solar Impulse 2 journey, you can watch the broadcast that is live. The plane is travelling over the Pacific. It is estimated that it may take about sixty-two hours to touch Moffett Federal Airfield (Mountain View, California). Pilot Andre Borschberg and Pilot Bertrand Piccard substitute legs of the voyage around the world.

The aircraft finds hard to do better in gusty winds. Solar Impulse 2 holds Boeing 747 wingspan. It does not weight much. The weight of the aircraft is not above than the weight of medium-sized car. Borschberg was giving living updates while driving the plane. He told that he was not sure how the weather would remain today. He added that he felt happy to start the voyage. He updated while he was on the runway.

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